Beautification is one of the reasons decorations are applied on different types of things. Chief of these materials is glass which can be decorated in several ways as we shall see briefly. Before we continue further, it is important we also consider the importance of decoration on glassware.

As we have already seen, the number one reason for decoration is to beautify something. Simply, beautification is a way of enhancing the looks of glassware so that it is more attractive to either the owner or the person intending to buy it. However, besides beautification, decoration can be applied on glass as a way of customizing it in order to make it appear peculiar to a person or a group of people. Today, it is not rare to come across custom whisky glasses. Glassware decorated in this way is made to appear unique to its users.

Decorations can also be done with the goal of personalizing glassware. Logos and emblems of given entities can be inscribed on things like glassware in order to make them personal to the people whose logos and emblems they bear. When decoration is done for personalization reasons, it is required that glassware that will be decorated is only ordered as demand arises and things like custom whiskey glasses can be decorated in this way.

Engraving and etching are the two chief ways through which decoration is done in glass. Glassware engraving is done by cutting images or inscriptions or both on the glass surface by using abrasion tools. Such images usually comprises images of trees, people and even logos. Inscriptions take the form of initials of people’s names or short messages. Initials of names of people can be used to form monograms which are very useful in decorations that aim at personalizing glassware.

Glass decoration using etching is usually done through the use of acidic or basic substances to impress artistic decorative patterns on glassware. Like the engraving technique, artistic patterns could comprise images or inscriptions. Etching is also one of the ways that can be adopted to make glass translucent. Since translucent glass only pass very little light and are not see-through, they are useful in places like washrooms where privacy is needed.

As we close, we have discussed that decorations are mainly done for beautification, customization and personalization of glass items. We have also discussed the two main type of decorations done on glassware. It should be noted that the purpose of your decoration is what determines which type of decoration to be used. For beautification purpose, for example, local glass engraving technique fits quite well. Decorations that are targeted on customizing and personalizing glass items can, on the other hand, be done using the engraving technique.


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